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Being a new father i have seen my time disappear, between finding time to get into the studio with the band and playing show’s and actually practicing drums, working on basic drum things that i need to work on.. Time has been running out, lately im only getting about a half hour a day to play drums and then 2 hours with my son then hes in bed. CANADA DAY oh sweet Canada day i have a day off work and you know what, i think its time to start building that jazz kit. seeing how we already have the measurements and angles dialed up for the 14 snare, it seems like a 14” floor tom is a good place to start, im hoping to glue a 12″ rack tom as well.. oh yeah and happy birthday to my son who has been the most amazing person i have ever met, i cannot begin to put into words the joy he brings to my life. So i did what and music loving drum playing father would do… i bought Jack a mini drum kit (used) its some Chinese built ludwig kit but its the right size for him!


happy birthday Jackson, love dad