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16 x 16 floor tom progress!

Well, the snow has fallen and winter is officially here so drum building is in full swing again. Today we made more progress on the floor tom and we are starting to really think hard about our milling jig, we’re going to get a proper jig welded up with dials and fancy knobs, so today we milled the drum down with the router on top and i must say this is the way to do it. I have been fooling around with “mirror” finishes and that’s coming along nicely also been messing about with wood dye that is some potent stuff!! Got a nice pie of Purple Heart for a future snare drum and finally organized our drum parts. All in all it was a good productive day, enjoy some photos:

20141101_091749 20141101_155755 20141101_163912 20141101_163932

– Nick



Well after a successful CD Release party last night for False Flag, i got up bright and early to go help my dad with some stuff. In the process we rounded out the inside of the 12×12 rack tom looks like we are well on our way to completing the first kit!




Just thought I should give credit where credit is due, for anyone wanting to find some amazing resources on drum building I have 2 crucial links to share:

http://pdgood.us/ Great all around, these guys talk about all types of drum building and have amazing knowledge about the entire process

http://unionbridgedrums.com/ This is a link to a stave drum calculator that gives you bevel angles board foot required ect.. amazing program, donate if you can