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Finally we got some good pictures of this snare drum, thanks so much to my sister in law for taking all the pictures and editing them, check out her other work here: http://kailamoorephotography.com/

_MG_5637a _MG_5649a _MG_5647a



16 x 16 floor tom progress!

Well, the snow has fallen and winter is officially here so drum building is in full swing again. Today we made more progress on the floor tom and we are starting to really think hard about our milling jig, we’re going to get a proper jig welded up with dials and fancy knobs, so today we milled the drum down with the router on top and i must say this is the way to do it. I have been fooling around with “mirror” finishes and that’s coming along nicely also been messing about with wood dye that is some potent stuff!! Got a nice pie of Purple Heart for a future snare drum and finally organized our drum parts. All in all it was a good productive day, enjoy some photos:

20141101_091749 20141101_155755 20141101_163912 20141101_163932

– Nick


Purdy Drum co started in April 2014 by myself (Nick) and my father (Don). in the attempt to find a Canadian built drum kit for myself to purchase i stumbled across a different style of drum building. Enter StaveDrum these drums are not made with ply’s like most commercially built drum, they are from solid pieces of wood cut at precise angles to form and octagon? except we use 16 pieces what ever kind of shape that is? myself being a trades man of 9 years and my father being a well established handy man extraordinaire for as long as i can remember (28 years) figured we had the skills to build one of these bad boys. Guess what? we built 2 drums this winter one was a pure birch 5.5 x 14 snare and the other was a birch/mahogany 7 x 14 snare, these drums not only looked great they sounded like a hammer my 7″ snare is extremely sharp! i use it to cut through a band with 2 eight string guitars!! and the 5″ snare sounds amazing, reminds me of a marching band snare. all this success with our first two drums, next to tackle a 4pc Jazz fusion kit consisting of a 12” rack tom 14” floor tom and a 22” kick! stay tuned summer project coming up